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The coronavirus mask is a new–and alarming–fashion trend

geralt / Pixabay The coronavirus mask is something that no one wants to have to wear. A single death from a virus is tragic. A virus that has a reported death rate of 2%–roughly the same mortality rate as the 1918 flu pandemic that killed between 40 and 100 million people–is something to take seriously….

Flu widespread in 49 US states, flu mask one option

Influenza is unusually rampant this year as 49 US states report widespread flu cases. This could a year to consider adding a flu mask to your health arsenal (though please note my important disclaimer). Three factors make this particular season particularly severe. The first is the that the number of flu cases has tripled over…

What the fog? The challenge of masks fogging glasses

Those of us who wear glasses are quite familiar with the annoyance of putting on a face mask and then suddenly seeing the world fog up around us. Some people I know have said that they would love to wear masks to protect themselves against allergens and pollution, but refrain from doing so because of…