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An unnecessary mask culture war

In some ways, this “mask culture war” isn’t surprising. I have long been aware that Americans and Westerners in general are often ambivalent about the public wearing of masks. So it shouldn’t surprise me that the act of wearing masks would arouse so much derision and resistance. But the negative reaction to masks is still overblown and unnecessary.

Advice re masks for COVID-19 muddled, misleading

cdd20 / Pixabay Let’s face it. The U.S. government isn’t exactly batting 1.000 when it comes to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump Administration and CDC missteps led to costly delays in coronavirus testing that cost us a month in efforts to track down and contain the spread of COVID-19. The US has tested over about…

The coronavirus mask is a new–and alarming–fashion trend

geralt / Pixabay The coronavirus mask is something that no one wants to have to wear. A single death from a virus is tragic. A virus that has a reported death rate of 2%–roughly the same mortality rate as the 1918 flu pandemic that killed between 40 and 100 million people–is something to take seriously….

When cold and allergy season overlap, April is the cruelest month

Cold and allergy season have overlapped more this year. This winter has been a long roller coaster alternating between cold and mild weather. As such, pollen begins flying around even as the late winter illnesses continue to pile upon each other. When I went to the ER two weeks ago, I thought it was a…